I developed a slight obsession with psychology when I began studying it during my A-Levels. Although I went on to study history for my undergraduate degree, everything I have read since my late teens seems to have been oriented around the subject of psychology, psychotherapy and wellbeing.

After going through some difficult times myself, I was introduced to the book ‘The Compassionate Mind’ by Paul Gilbert and found it absolutely amazing. I began using the practices regularly and noticed (over time) some genuine improvements in my own wellbeing and ways of coping with stress. I went on to change careers from teaching and decided to train to become a Psychotherapist.

I completed the MSc ‘Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy’ at the University of Derby under the amazing guidance of Jazz Kang and went on to get a lecturing role there. I also began working therapeutically in private practice and schools. Throughout these times, I maintained a love for the Compassion-focused approach and used it with my clients in therapy from the start of my training. I went on to get in touch with Professor Gilbert and colleagues and began discussing ideas of getting CFT into schools with an aim of evaluating whether this could improve staff and pupil wellbeing (very needed these days I feel). After finding that the interventions had a positive impact on both staff and students, I subsequently developed workshops that can be applied in a range of settings, including businesses, universities and the NHS.

I am one of the lucky people who can say I genuinely love my job! I work as a therapist with young people and adults, lecture, run workshops and lead CFT groups. For me the world of psychology, psychotherapy and wellbeing is the most interesting of all and I feel privileged to be involved in it.